Marketing | Marketing homework help

Marketing | Marketing homework help.


  • Explain what is mean by media planning and how advertisers decide which medium to choose to best communicate their advertising objective. Discuss the importance of media planning in advertising. 

Media planning is how marketers determine how many times and where their product advertisement will be shown. Advertisers decide which medium to choose to communicate by seeing where their target consumers will see the advertisement most. Depending on where their target consumers look the most is where they will put their advertisement. For example, if a product is directed towards teenagers then they will use social media because most teenagers look at social media all the time. If it was directed toward older adults then they would put it on a commercial because more adults watch TV rather than look at their phones. This is important because it will allow the product to be well known within the target audience and increase the chances of their product being bought. 

  • Explain the role of social media in marketing and discuss the implications of social media for marketers. 

Social media in marketing is very benefical because it allows marketers to make a simple advertisement to put out to their audience. Social media also allows products to be seen multiple times a lot more than a commercial on the TV does. More people are tempted to click on an advertisement and online shop when they see it on their phones. Some implications social media has is it allows consumers to click on the advertisement, keep them up to date on the new improvements of the product, and it will create brand loyalty within the company. 


Lamb, C. W., Hair, J., & McDaniel, C. (2019). MKTG: Principles of Marketing (12th ed.). Cengage.

Marketing | Marketing homework help

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