Information technology must have netbeans and java or can login my

Information technology must have netbeans and java or can login my.


Assignment Details

In this course you will demonstrate your knowledge of object-oriented programming by writing Java programs. The first step is to install the Java Software Development Kit (JDK) and an integrated development environment (IDE) called NetBeans in which you will write, execute and debug your programs. In this assignment you will also write your first program using Java to show that you have correctly installed the IDE and have learned the fundamentals of coding in the Java language.

The project instructions and deliverables are as follows (read through these instructions fully before beginning your assignment):

  1. Download and install JDK and NetBeans using the installation instructions. Visit the School of Information Technology Library Guide. On this page, look for the Installation Guides, then open the guide that has instructions for installing NetBeans and Java.
  2. Create a console program that allows the user to enter these three pieces of information:
    • The name of their favorite restaurant
    • The location or address of the restaurant
    • How often they eat at a restaurant each month
    • Each input in your program must be preceded by on-screen instructions that tell the user what to do. Each input must be stored in its own variable with an appropriate data type, and you must use a name for the variable that indicates what information it contains. For example, you might call the variable that stores the first input (the favorite restaurant) “favrest”, or “restaurant”.
  3. After accepting each input, the program must thank the user for entering the information and then display what they entered on the screen. For example, if the user entered “McDonald’s” for their favorite restaurant, the program must say something like “Thank you! You entered: McDonald’s”. This must appear in the output window before continuing to the next input.
  4. If the user enters 10 or more as the number of times they eat at a restaurant each month, the program must, in place of the usual report to the screen, instead inform the user with a special message of some kind, such as “Big spender!” or “Consider cooking at home!”. Be creative but professional with your message. If they do not enter 10 or more as that number, then the program must instead follow the output requirements of the previous step.
  5. When all the above steps have been completed and the output reported to the screen, the program must thank the user for their information and then terminate.
  6. Document your code using appropriate in-line comments. This includes variable declarations, input and output methods, and conditional logic. Your comments must explain how the program works to a programmer who is familiar with Java and NetBeans but has not seen this program before.

Your deliverable for this assignment is the NetBeans project you created using the steps above (ZIP the whole folder that contains the project). You must also submit a screenshot showing NetBeans running on your computer (upload separately or add to the ZIP).

Information technology must have netbeans and java or can login my

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