Probability work | Mathematics homework help

Probability work | Mathematics homework help.

Use data from your textbook, page 139, the very low table about a coffee consumption. All final results should be rounded to 4 decimal places.

5a. What is the probability that if two people are chosen, both are 50 and over?

5b. If A represents the event “person is 50 and over”, name its complement A’ clearly. If B represents the event “person is having low coffee consumption”, name its complement B’ clearly. 

5c .What is the probability that a person is under 30 given he/she is having high coffee consumption? What is the probability that a person is having a low coffee consumption given he/she belongs to age group “40 up to 50”?

5d. Are events “under 30” and “high consumption“ independent? Give a complete numerical proof. 

Probability work | Mathematics homework help

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