Presentation | Law homework help

Presentation | Law homework help.

Final Forensic Psychology Country Presentation: A. Format. PowerPoint and may include, audio, video or other formats. B. There is no make up for the presentation; please carefully choose your date. As emergencies occur, if you need to change your date, please make arrangements with Professor Broner in advance to reschedule your presentation. All students must present, therefore if you are presenting in a group, you would also need to make arrangements with the group to reschedule. C. The presentation can be developed as a group project or individual project and depending on class size. a. For groups of 3 the PowerPoint presentation should be about 45 minutes long The group presentation format is well-suited for several students who would like to focus on the same topic but for different countries and from different perspectives. The group will collaborate on a brief introduction to the forensic topic from a US perspective and on the critical summary integrating the main points from the full presentation each of the three group members will choose a different country to present the topic from that country’s perspective. b. For individuals, begin with a brief overview of the topic from the US perspective and then present this topic for your country. Individual Powerpont presentations should be with about 15 minutes long, but no longer than 20 minutes. 

D. Presentation topic. You may choose your specific topic and country. However, your topic must be within one of the areas covered during the semester-long course: 1) competency to stand trial, 2) other criminal competencies, 3) sentencing, alternatives to sentencing or reentry, 4) risk assessment, 5) forensic treatment (in community or correctional setting), 6) civil commitment or outpatient commitment, 7) child abuse and neglect, 8) special populations (e.g., sex offenders, serial killers, terrorists) and profiling, or treatment, or risk assessment, etc. and 9) eye witness testimony. 

E. Presentation Content. Final Country-Specific Presentations should include the following: 1) Focus/issue of your research—remember to ensure this is a forensicissue—the intersection of law and psychology—mental health issue relevant to addressing the “legal issue”, 2) brief overview of issue—remember to cover both legal and psychological issues (e.g., competency to stand trial—cover the legal cases and examination issues, or research etc.), 3) brief county profile including statistics of your country relevant to topic (e.g., rate of child abuse and neglect), 4) laws, rules, policies relevant to your topic AND social science research, 5) critical comparison of differences and similarities between the U.S. and the selected county laws/approaches/treatment etc. 6) recommendations, and 7) references (APA format for non-legal sources; ABA format for legal cases). Psychology and Law-PSY 3069 (EWFA 17315): Course Description/Syllabus, Spring 2021, Professor Broner 7 F. Separate Presentation Outline.

 For each presentation an outline of your presentation should be prepared and either posted prior to your presentation on Forum or a hard copy of the outline handed out at the beginning of the presentation. Group presenters can submit one outline but each of the three presenters should contribute their country-specific points to the outline. Individual presentations are also required to submit an outline. If an outline is not submitted, the presentation will be reduced by half a grade (e.g., A to A-). The presentation outline should include: a. legal/forensic question, b. key points of the country’s perspective on the topic of choice–background, c. list of the relevant law, statutes and, or legal cases, d. list of 2-3 main social science research studies for this area, e. references for what is described in the talk (remember to use APA and ABA reference styles), and f. 1-2 additional sources (internet or books) for those interested in learning more about the topic of your presentation. g. The outline should be about 1-2 pages with a maximum of 3-4 pages. The outline is due by the day of presentation (posted on forum prior to class or hard copy handed out in class).

Presentation | Law homework help

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