Marketing 420 | Marketing homework help

Marketing 420 | Marketing homework help.

FINAL PAPER (please, put all the assignments together)


Individually you will choose one product within the company or industry you picked. This should allow you to apply marketing principles to the same product and build upon it over the course of the term to help you understand some of the major aspects of E- Marketing. Each assignment paper will be focusing on applying the course concepts you’ve learned from discussions, activities, and reading to help you synthesize and understand marketing concepts and digital marketing thus producing an E-Marketing campaign at the end of the term.

The outcome of the paper is an e- marketing plan for the product that you have chosen from week 1. Each assignment will be supporting the marketing plan for the final paper. The final paper should be a project that follows one product throughout the term while each assignment digs deeper into the strategy and framework of B2B Digital marketing strategy.

The final paper will be a total of 12-15 pages, typed double space, Times New Roman, 12pt font size. APA 7th will be used on all submissions.

Below is the lay-out of the Final Paper Project

Week 2: Assignment 1 (See Assignment Rubric and Guide)

  • ●  Define your Customers
  • ●  Choose your targets
    Week 4: Assignment 2 (See Assignment Rubric and Guide)

● Create a budget
Week 6: Assignment 3 (See Assignment Rubric and Guide)

● Create your Ad Content

Week 8: Assignment 4 (See Assignment Rubric and Guide)

● Track and Monitor your Ads

Ask yourself, how are you going to measure your digital marketing plan? What are your retention, social media, and platforms used? Are these able to sustain your effort and how does your budget fit with your customer base and your target chosen back in week 1? What kind of content to market your product you need to change to streamline your efforts?


Nike Inc. Company is a multi-international company that deals in manufacturing shoes, apparel, and sportswear.B2B entails business transactions between the businesses. The transaction is conducted between companies rather than between a business and a customer. The challenges of B2B sales for the products include the commoditization of products (Selman, 2017). This entails the products of the company being deemed almost similar to those of other companies. With more companies dealing with shoes and apparel and the development of companies, Nike faces a challenge in commoditization products. The commoditization of products allows customers to make purchasing decisions based on commodities’ prices, hence a major challenge. 

The company can add expertise in their products and also create another marketplace for their products. Growing customer expectations leads to competition and growing customer demands and expectations, and it is a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the customer. The company can target the right customers, and also, through research, they can cater to the needs of the customers (Törmälä, and Gyrd-Jones, 2017).  The 3Es’ of digital marketing include enabling, evaluating, and empowering. Enabling this is giving easily accessible content and includes optimization of online sales. Empowering this includes informing the customers how their brand influences and impacts their lifestyle. For instance, Nike tells the story of the brand. Evaluating entails analyzing the data to indicate the performance of the company.

Marketing 420 | Marketing homework help

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