Busi 430 exam 2 | Management homework help

Busi 430 exam 2 | Management homework help.

BUSI 430 EXAM 2  Question 1    If effective reach and/or effective frequency are too low:    the company will fail to attain its intended objectives.    some of the company’s budget may be wasted on extra exposures.    the company has not spent all of its advertising budget.    the company needs a larger advertising budget. 2 points    Question 2    Animation has become increasingly popular and is now used in business-to-business ads in addition to consumer ads.  True   False  2 points    Question 3    Wishing to think and act rich like the spokesperson in an advertisement, is a form of:    intent to purchase.    attractiveness.    identification.    empathy. 2 points    Question 4    Recency theory suggests that it is a waste of money when an advertisement reaches an individual or business that does not need a particular product or does not have an interest in the product.  True   False  2 points    Question 5    Frequency is a measure of the impact or intensity of a media plan.  True   False  2 points    Question 6    Personal chemistry is a selection factor that should:    be examined early in the selection process.    determine if an in-house agency should be chosen.    never affect the choice, which should only be made rationally.    be considered in the final stages of selection. 2 points    Question 7    Celebrity endorsers are used for ads because their stamp of approval on a product can enhance the product’s brand equity and create emotional bonds between the consumers and the brand being endorsed.  True   False  2 points    Question 8    The most common themes for fantasy executions are sex, love, and romance.  True   False  2 points    Question 9    The hierarchy of effects model suggests that, before a person develops knowledge of a product, he or she must first like the product.  True   False  2 points    Question 10    Radio advertising offers the advantage of having definable target markets based on the radio station’s format.  True   False  2 points    Question 11    Using sensuality as a type of sex appeal in advertising:    works only with female viewers since they are more romantic than men.    requires viewer imagination.    is based on subliminal cues.    requires both visual and verbal cues. 2 points    Question 12    The process of digitally painting or sketching figures into live television sequences is called:    rotoscoping.    a fantasy execution.    digitalizing.    clay animation. 2 points    Question 13    A customer who reports that Lexus is the first car he thinks of in the “luxury automobile” category is describing a which type of brand?    Top-of-mind    Top-of-industry    Top-choice    Quality choice 2 points    Question 14    Comparative ads tend to be more believable and have a greater positive impact on consumer attitudes than other cognitive message strategies.  True   False  2 points    Question 15    Continuity is the exposure pattern or schedule used in an advertising campaign.  True   False  2 points    Question 16    The fantasy executional framework relies on:    cognitive thought processes.    comparisons of product features.    raw sex and nudity.    suggestiveness. 2 points    Question 17    Gross rating points are measured by multiplying ratings times the frequency.  True   False  2 points    Question 18    The generic cognitive message strategy is a(n):    explicit, testable claim of uniqueness or superiority that can be supported or substantiated in some manner.    direct promotion of product attributes or benefits without any claim of superiority.    claim of superiority based on a product’s specific attribute or benefit, which cannot be made by a competitor.    untestable claim based upon some attribute or benefit. 2 points    Question 19    The major advantage of comparison ads is that they are effective in capturing the viewer’s attention.  True   False  2 points    Question 20    To be effective in terms of using an external agency, at least 10 percent of the advertising budget should be spent on media buys.  True   False  2 points    Question 21    The cognitive component of attitude matches the hierarchy of effects model’s components of:    the actual purchase.    conviction and action.    awareness and knowledge.    liking, preference, and conviction. 2 points    Question 22    Each of the following statements about campaign duration is true except:    changing ads within a campaign too frequently can impede message retention.    typical duration for most campaigns is around 1 year.    the criterion typically used to determine when to change a campaign is wear-out effect.    a campaign should last long enough for the message to be embedded in consumers’ long-term memories. 2 points    Question 23    A spot ad is:    a one-time placement of an ad in a magazine or other print media.    a one-time placement of an ad on a local television station.    one that is placed in a specific location in an ad sequence.    the placement of an ad series on a specific television show. 2 points    Question 24    Authoritative executions are the most widely used in which sector?    Business-to-business    Governmental    Consumer    Services 2 points    Question 25    The final stage in the hierarchy of effects model is liking or preference for a particular brand.  True   False  2 points    Question 26    Frequency is the:    average number of times an individual, household, or business in a target market is exposed to an advertisement during a specific time period.    number of people who place a particular brand into their evoked sets.    number of people, households, or businesses who are exposed to a media vehicle or message schedule at least once during a given time period.    number of people who purchase the product. 2 points    Question 27    In business-to-business advertising, as more dollars are shifted to non-business type of media, the amount being spent on:    television, newspapers, and consumer magazines has steadily increased.    print media has steadily increased.    trade journals and consumer magazines has steadily increased.    television and radio has steadily increased. 2 points    Question 28    Fear is an ineffective form of advertising appeal that has been largely abandoned.  True   False  2 points    Question 29    The largest number of complaints that the FTC hears about potentially misleading advertisements are ads using the hyperbole message strategy approach.  True   False  2 points    Question 30    Visual Esperanto is the development of an image that readily translates across cultures, but only with certain languages, such as Spanish.  True   False

Busi 430 exam 2 | Management homework help

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