Conflict management self-assessment | Operations Management homework help

Conflict management self-assessment | Operations Management homework help.


Conflict Management Self-Assessment

                       The reading by Shearouse (2011) discusses five conflict management styles. Many companies sell conflict style questionnaires for use in organizations. For the first week of this module, try your hand at a free questionnaire. Here is one that allows you to identify your own conflict management style based on five styles similar to those discussed in Shearouse (2011):

Report your rating as well as your general impressions about the usefulness of this questionnaire. Were you surprised by the results? Do you think the results are accurate? Would the questionnaire be useful for your organization?

I need at least 150-word comment on my classmate’s discussion  

Whitney posted


The questionnaire, Person A was my coach and person B was my boyfriend. The results that I achieved were that my coach’s avoidance totals were Strong style with 15, my boyfriend’s style was also strong with 18. Their Competition Totals were also both Strong style my coach had 15 and my boyfriend had 17. The compromise style they were also both strong style with my coach having 18 and my boyfriend having 16. The Accommodation style they were both strong style again with 15 and 18. The Collaboration style my coach had very strong style with 22 and my boyfriend had strong style with 18. My strongest style was Collaboration with 22 and my lowest was Competition with 14.

This showed that the strongest style was Collaboration and the weakest was Competition style. This seemed like a pretty accurate questionnaire. I try to work with people the best that I can. I do at times get a little too competitive with competitions that we may have. Knowing all these styles and where my strengths and weaknesses are I want to develop them. This questionnaire will make me notice this happening in the workplace more often now. I feel that the questionnaire could be useful for my workplace. ” Maybe the answer you give depends on whom you are having the disagreement with –your boss, your subordinates, or your peers or teammates. Maybe it depends on other things going on in your life at the time, your mood, your health, the weather, the stock market, or what’s happening at home.” (Stearouse, 2011) Each situation in the workplace is different and can have different outcomes it may just all depend on that day or who the conflict is with how it will end.

The one conflict I remember being in at work was one of my teammates and I got into an argument on who should be cleaning what part of the training facility. He felt that the women’s team was not pulling their weight that day. We argued about it and some words were exchanged, but we came up with an agreement that we will make a list on what needs to be done and who will do the job. Now we don’t have this issue anymore we just rotate all of the tasks that need to be done that day.


Shearouse, S. H. (2011). Chapter 5: How we respond: Approaches to conflict. Conflict 101: A manager’s guide to resolving problems so everyone can get back to work. New York: AMACOM.


Conflict management self-assessment | Operations Management homework help

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