Operating systems is-270 | Information Systems homework help

Operating systems is-270 | Information Systems homework help.

1. Explain the fundamental differences between internal fragmentation and external fragmentation. For each of the four memory management schemes explained in this chapter (single user, fixed, dynamic, and relocatable dynamic), identify which one causes each type of fragmentation.

4. Imagine an operating system that does not perform memory deallocation. Name at least three unfortunate outcomes that would result and explain your answer.

5. Compare and contrast a fixed partition scheme and a dynamic partition scheme.

11. The relocation example presented in the chapter implies that compaction is 

done entirely in memory, without secondary storage. Can all free sections of memory be merged into one contiguous block using this approach? Why or why not?

X1.  Which of the memory management schemes and allocations is (most likely) used here to manage the incoming Jobs 1-3?  Explain your reasoning.

Operating systems is-270 | Information Systems homework help

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