Marketing assignment j 6-10 | Marketing homework help

Marketing assignment j 6-10 | Marketing homework help.

In a single WORD file and write one  single-spaced, typed, journal entries  on real world applications of course concepts on any company’s marketing services. This can be from the viewpoint as a service company employee, or as a customer service experience, or from the services experience of others. You many also use the same company more than once. 

Each journal entry must include the headings in bold below

  1. Week Number (Week 6= Chapter 10 & 11 Slides, Week 7=Chapter 12 slides, Week 8= Chapter 13 slides, Week 9=Chapter 14 slides, and Week 10=Chapter 15  slides)
  2. A Description of the named course concept in the service experience. Journaling the same course concept more than once is acceptable. However, students must use at least one different course concept application each week to maximize grades. 
  3. An Analysis of how well the course concept was applied/executed using the named concept. Course concepts to be pulled from slides in week listed in Step 1.
  4. What the Results were; and 
  5. What you would Conclusions/Do differently with the course concept application.

Marketing assignment j 6-10 | Marketing homework help

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