Resume screening and ranking using nlp

Resume screening and ranking using nlp.

50+ pages required


Front pages 

Title page                                                                   Page 1 starts – upper right corner

Signature Page 




Table of Contents 

List of Tables 

List of Figures 

Chapter One

Introduction  Write the introduction to your topic here.


Background of the situation and problem 

Problem Statement  What is the problem? . 

Purpose of the Study 

Research Questions 

         Two research questions  – RQ 1 and RQ 2 

Theoretical Framework 

       One theory to describe current situation 

       One theory which can be used to improve the situation 

Limitations of the Study 


Definitions Need citation to show where the definition came from.  

Summary .  Write your summary of chapter one here. Include a short review of the next chapter. 

Chapter Two

Review Of Literature


Main Heading (level 2 heading) 

Subheading should be flush left, Bold italic, 

          Title Case Heading (level 3 heading)

Subheading should be indented, boldfaced, Title Case Heading, ending with a period. (level 4 heading)

To include:    Introduction

                        Article Search 

                        Historical Info 

                       Current Situation / Problem 


                         Gap in Literature 

                         Research Methods

                         Summary – include short review of the next chapter. 

Literature Review is between 20 – 30 pages 

Chapter Three 

Procedures And Methodology


Research Paradigm (qualitative or quantitative) 

Research Design 

Sampling Procedures 

Data Collection Sources  Include information on Informed Consent Letter and IRB approval 

Statistical Tests (Quantitative) 

                                 (Qualitative ) Describe which program will be used to identify trends 

Summary . Review of the next chapter. 

Chapter Four

Research Findings



          If qualitative, need to provide chart showing the participants ( P1, P2, etc.). 

          If quantitative, need to provide a summary of the participants. 

Research Setting (online interviews, telephone, etc). 

Coding Process (qualitative) 

If qualitative, need to provide coding process

 If a field study was done, need to provide the results. 

Analyses of Questions 

            Provide a copy of the research questions from Chapter 1

            Use the results to either approve or deny the research questions 

Supplementary Findings (if any) 

        Qualitative-  Five themes would be discussed in this section. 

Summary Provide preview of the next section. 

Chapter Five

Discussion, Implications, Summary 


Practical Assessment of Research Question(s) 

Were the research questions fully answered?  Information from the literature review to 

support or  deny. 

Limitations of the Study . What did you find while conducting the study? 

Implications for Future Study 


                                                                  Reference Pages 

Appendix A 


Appendix B 


Appendix C

Consent Forms  

Appendix D

IRB Approval

Appendix E  

Other – copy of the survey 

                                                                               copy of the interview questions (qualitative) 

                                                                   Other appendixes as needed

Using APA 7th edition 

Resume screening and ranking using nlp

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