Computer course (powerpoint) | Computer Science homework help

Computer course (powerpoint) | Computer Science homework help.

I have attached the four pictures that you are to make into a powerpoint presentation.  It is supposed to be four powerpoint slides.


Grading Rubric: Point Values

PowerPoint Lab 1: Bobby’s Bake Shop

15 – Retrospect document theme applied; variant not changed

10 – Title slide created and formatted correctly

10 – Illustration called Bakery inserted, resized, and positioned

5 – The words Anytown, USA replaced with students’ hometown city and state

10 – Slide 2 uses Title Only slide layout; title added and formatted; picture called Doughnut inserted and positioned; pictured called Muffin inserted and positioned

10 – Slide 3 uses the Picture with Caption layout; picture inserted; text added and formatted

10 – Closing slide created based on the title slide and modified

15 – Clock transition in the Exciting category is applied to all slides and the duration is 2 seconds

10 – File is saved as “Lab 1-1 Bake”

5 – Spelling checked, typos corrected

Bake Shoppe: Creating a Presentation with Pictures – Grade

Assignment: Complete PPT52-53 PowerPoint Module 1 Lab 1: Bake Shoppe: Creating a Presentation with Pictures – Grade

Steps: 1-10

Introduction: PowerPoint Module 1 to get an understanding of how to use the software properly. You do not want to attempt to recreate the assignment without using the proper skills described in the module. Feel free to complete the module assignment to learn the proper steps or you can use the module as a reference. 

The Assignment: Use MS Office 2016 to complete this assignment. MS Office 2016 is provided to each student. Click the MS Office 2016 Button in the Blackboard Menu to download the software. Do not use a mobile, online, or tablet version of the software as it will not have all of the options necessary to complete the assignment properly. Follow the steps in the assignment and save the file to a location of your choice when complete.

Data File(s): To use data files right click and “save target as” or “save link as”. Select the location to save. This will save the file to your computer so you can ope it and use it.  Do not click and open the file to try to use the file.  Bakery.png

(opens in new window) Bread.jpg (opens in new window)Doughnut.png (opens in new window)Muffin.png (opens in new window) 

Grading Rubric:  PowerPoint Lab 1-1 Bake_Shop_Rubric.docx

(opens in new window)

To Submit:  Click the assignment title link. Click “Browse My Computer” Button below. Find your File. Attach your file.  Submit.

The Preview: Blackboard is not a Microsoft Software therefore the preview may not be an exact view of your original document. Only use the preview to ensure the file is the proper file but do not view it for accuracy. When your instructor grades the file will get downloaded and viewed in the created software for accuracy. 

Check Your Submission: To check your submission, click the “My Grades” button in the Blackboard Menu.  Find the title of the assignment.  You should see a Yellow !.  Click the Assignment Name.  It is a link for you to view your submission.

Clear Your Submission: Assignments can be submitted only one time. If you submitted the incorrect file email your instructor and request to have the link cleared.

Computer course (powerpoint) | Computer Science homework help

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