Oppressions | Social Science homework help

Oppressions | Social Science homework help.

 My topic is Covid-19

  • What evidence exist to demonstrate that the group is Oppressed? Lost jobs, Death rates, Eviction, Medical bill.   
  • What are the group’s specific challenges? Strengths? Challenges are social connection, wearing masks, tested, lost jobs, storage of supplies. Strengths are family, stimulus money, unemployment money, food stamp more money in a month. 
  • What caused the oppression? The cause for Covid-19 is unknown currently. The first report of the virus came from Wuhan, China dated back in December of 2019 and spreading west. The first known case reported the U.S January 2020 (Bowser, 2021). 
  • What factors impacted the state of oppression? Can you look this one up for me please.
  • What makes this group unique?  2 weeks for a person to develop symptoms after being exposed to the virus. Within that time infected people without symptoms are more likely to infect others without knowing (Madison, 2020). Different rounds of the virus. Different types- MERS and SARS.
  • What are the risks, protective, and resilient factors?  

Risks- Individuals with conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure are more at risk of death due to covid-19. 

Some protective factors of covid-19 include social distancing, wearing face masks, and avoiding social gatherings. 

The resilient factors include communication and social support. Supporting individuals affected by covid-19 in the community ensures proper health and eliminate discrimination against them.

  • What has the oppressed group done to overcome the oppression? Vaccination.

Oppressions | Social Science homework help

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