Stella artois case study | Economics homework help

Stella artois case study | Economics homework help.

1.Does it make sense for Interbrew to develop a global brand?

2. Does Stella Artois appear to be the right choice as the company’s flagship brand?

3. Interbrews strategy has focused on developing cities as markets rather than on the more traditional view of countries as markets.  What are the pros and cons?

4. What would Interbrew have to do to succeed with Stella in the major urban market closest to where you live? Will these requirement vary much between major cities? Why? Why not?

3c.  Is it paradoxical for Interbrews to try and establish Stella Artois as a global brand while focusing on selected cities.  Whose collective population constitutes only a miniscule portion of the global population: Through which mechanisms might Interbrew’s strategy still have the desired outcome?

Stella artois case study | Economics homework help

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