Technology can be used by sales managers and sales executives to:

Technology can be used by sales managers and sales executives to:.

Question 1

Which of the following is an example of using social capital to help grow a company?

A) The HR manager of a company hires new employees to staff a project that will increase revenue by 25%.

B) The CFO of a company increases the budget of the research and development department so they can create a product that will triple profits in 18 months.

C) The CEO of a company asks a friend in the automotive industry to cut a company-wide discount on corporately-leased vehicles that saves the company $500,000 a year.

D) The Sales Director of a company institutes a policy requiring all new salespeople to train with a senior salesperson for six months before going out into the field alone.

Question 2

Technology can be used by sales managers and sales executives to:

A) keep track of how salespeople are performing

B) align the sales department with the company’s mission statement

C) motivate individual salespeople to make more sales calls

D) perform need identification as part of the sales process

Question 3

Another word for “channel” in the phrase “sales channel” is:

A. Order

B. Staff

C. method

D. website

Question 4

A leader who spends most of her time communicating with the public about the company and interacting with her employees to ensure that they have what they need to do their jobs, but who does not engage in planning of activities or employee goals is engaging in which of the Situational Leader styles of leadership?

A. Directing 

B. Coaching 

C. Implementing 

D. Supporting

Question 5

What is a boundary spanner in terms of sales ?

 A. An idea that replaces one discipline with another discipline 

B. An idea that crosses two disciplines 

C. A person who works with two different organizations 

D. A person who works for one company but contracts with another company

Question 6

of the common ethical issues salespeople have with their customers, which one is legal?

A. Kickbacks

B. misrepresentation

C. bribery

D. puffery

Question 7

Use of an electronic data interchange (EDI) system is most appropriate for which type of buying situation?

A. a new buy

b. a modified re-buy

c. a straight re-buy

d. facilitative

Question 8

CRM software differs from SFA software in that CRM software:

A. is hosted on the company’s servers so it can only be accessed from on-site

B. has room for more customer contact records

C. contains contact records as well as product specifications

D. connects to multiple systems so everything is integrated across all sales channels

Question 9

According to economic theory, sales managers should hire as many salespeople as possible as long as what?

A. until the market is saturated

B. until the salespeople feel too much competition in the workplace as become dissatisfied

C. as long as each salesperson can sell more than they cost the company

D. as long as the salespeople are willing to work for the wages offered

Question 10

A functional sales structure takes the sales process and

A. makes it easier by cutting out several steps

B. codifies the process in CRM software

C. unifies it by asking salespeople to implement the products they sell to customers

D. separates it into several steps, each preformed by a specialist

Question 11

The annual percentage of employees that leave a company, for whatever reason, is called the:

A. attrition rate

B. turnover rate

C. variable rate

D. controllable rate

Question 12

A training assessment determines:

A. how well the training was conducted

B. how well the attendees retained what they learned in the training

C. how things could be improved for the next time

D. what topics need to be covered in a training program

Question 13

Bloom’s cognitive/knowledge categories teach skills that all have to do with dealing with and processing: 

A. information.

B. analysis.

C. intelligence.

D. emotions.

Question 14

What does “learning transfer” mean? 

A. Learning transfer is another phrase for learning objective.

B. Learning transfer means that what is learned in a training program is retained and then applied in the field.

C. Learning transfer means that the trainer is able to effectively transfer what is in his or head into the minds of the salespeople in the training.

D. A learning transfer is a center staffed with trainers and all the equipment needed to run a company’s software and train salespeople on it.

Question 15

One great challenge for managers of sales team is”

A. dealing with more than one salesperson at a time

B. transitioning from a sales role to a managerial role

C. determining how to compensate the different members of the team equitably

D. finding time to sell to the manager’s own accounts

Question 16

Output-based goals consist of:

A. the number of products a company manufactures.

B. the selling results a salesperson is expected to achieve.

C. the sales forecasts for each specific account.

D. the activities a salesperson performs to contact customers.

Question 17

Herzberg’s Two-Factor Approach theorizes that two types of rewards need to be present for a salesperson to be motivated. These two types are:

A. concept and process.

B. formal and informal.

C. motivation and hygiene.

D. emotional and logistical.

Question 18

Managers who understand McClelland’s Needs Approach will give their salespeople rewards that combine which of the following aspects?

A. Aachievement, recognition, and money

B. Aachievement, affiliation, and power

C. Mmoney, recognition, and power

D. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes

Question 19

Workers from the Mature generation are motivated by:

 A. flexible time.

B. collaborative work experiences.

C. informal communication.

D. respect, experience, and formality.

Question 20

A variable that predicts what will happen with the sales of another product is referred to as that product’s:

A. dependent.

B. predecessor.

C. leading indicator.

D. moving average.

Question 21

The second step in the CDI process, which makes the data useful to others, involves:

A. gathering the data initially.

B. analyzing the data with software.

C. creating forecasts.

D. cleaning and formatting data to company naming and categorizing standards.

Question 22

The industry-wide sales expected for a certain product for a certain time period is are called:

A. total revenue.

B. market potential.

C. market push.

D. net receipts.

Question 23

A pipeline analysis shows: 

a. how many products are currently being manufactured

b. where customers are at different stages of the sales process 

c. how many cold calls a salesperson made in the previous period

d. what the salesperson’s total revenue was for the previous period

Question 24

The four-factor model is a simple and elegant way to get a snapshot of

a. how the relationship between input measures and output measures works

b. the total activity of the sales force

c. two important input activities and how they interact with two important output activities

d. four measures with no correlation to each other

Question 25

A low context culture is one in which

A. there are many unspoken messages

B. Speakers frame their words with conventions such as “if God grants it”

C. non-verbal communication is more frequent than verbal communication

D. words mean what they mean

Technology can be used by sales managers and sales executives to:

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