Write a response on 2 articles: “here comes everybody” and “oversold

Write a response on 2 articles: “here comes everybody” and “oversold.

-Write a response that draws on what you have read. Be specific when you talk about the articles. Write the names.  You can bring in any other recent examples that relate to Shirky’s points about group formation and what groups can achieve in this age of easy connection via social media and the internet. 

-Include an image that relates to the topic.

– Remember images you use should be CC-licensed, or otherwise licensed for your use, and properly credited. You may also use screenshots you create from social media.

Answer these questions in your response:

  1. Toward the end of his chapter, Shirky poses two questions: “Why has group action largely been limited to formal organizations? What is happening now to change that?” What is new about the type of collective action he describes, and the way the groups are formed? 
  2. Apply Shirky’s ideas about group formation to a current activist group or movement that you’ve been following (or are involved with). Make sure to analyze how the group came about, what happened along the way and what goals were achieved by comparing them to another reading or video of the week.


1. https://www.wired.com/2011/12/gladwell-vs-shirky/

2. Attached File below 

Write a response on 2 articles: “here comes everybody” and “oversold

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