Week 1 assignment historical timeline | ESE 601 Students with Exceptionalities in the School Setting | Ashford University

Week 1 assignment historical timeline | ESE 601 Students with Exceptionalities in the School Setting | Ashford University.


In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of the learning objectives: Analyze the relevant historical timeline of landmark cases that have influenced special education and the education and treatment of individuals with exceptional needs in the school setting and Identify federal legislation that guides the foundations of special education in the public schools. Additionally, completion of this assignment represents an introduction to Course Learning Outcome 1 and MASE Program Learning Outcomes 1 and 2.

The history of special education has included a long and arduous path for parents, teachers, and children as exemplified in Celebrating 35 Years of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (Links to an external site.) but this process also has generated some very positive outcomes. Beginning in 1954 with the landmark civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that separate is not equal and therefore educating children with special needs in isolated environments does not provide an identical education to that of their non-disabled peers (Expanding Civil Rights, n.d.). Since the passage of this groundbreaking legislation, other individuals and activist groups have followed suit, fighting for the legal rights of children with disabilities.

You will select three landmark cases to summarize and analyze using a timeline format. Although you can use any online template for this project www.capzles.com (Links to an external site.), www.tiki-toki.com/ (Links to an external site.), and http://www.timetoast.com (Links to an external site.) are recommended as being user-friendly. The use of your text and the aforementioned video are strong resources for this assignment. Upload a Word document in waypoint that includes a link to your online timeline. An important point is that you must make your website “public” in order for the instructor to access your work.

Here is an example of a timeline:

Timeline Content

  • Identify,      by name and date, at least three influential landmark cases specific to      21st century special education beginning in 1960, using www.capzles.com (Links      to an external site.), www.tiki-toki.com/ (Links to an external site.),      or www.timetoast.com (Links      to an external site.), or an online timeline creation tool of your      choice.  
  • Paraphrase      in 2-3 sentences a description of each party’s stance for each of the      three selected cases.
  • Restate      in your own words, a 2–3 sentence summary of the final court ruling for      each of the three selected cases.
  • Explain      in 2-3 sentences, using your own words, how the historical legal rulings      you selected have supported the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Embed      into your timeline a relevant link to a website or video that describes      each selected case in user-friendly terms.

Written Communication

  • APA      Formatting: Use APA 6th edition formatting      consistently throughout the timeline.
  • Syntax      and Mechanics: Display meticulous      comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling      and grammar.
  • Source      Requirement: Reference the website or video selected at the      conclusion of each case’s narrative.

Next Steps: Review and Submit the Assignment
Review your assignment with the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) to ensure you have achieved the distinguished levels of performance for each criterion. Next, submit your document no later than Day 7.

The MASE program provides the opportunity for you to create an online portfolio that can be used in your career development and professional practice. Throughout the program you will have various assessments that can be included in this e-portfolio and these will be finalized in the last course of the MASE program, Capstone course, ESE699. You may select this assignment and subsequent coursework to include as artifacts. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged you save your coursework on a flash-drive (e.g., a USB removable drive) or store in a cloud-based option such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or other similar applications.

Success Tip: Start preparing now for the Week Six Final Assignment!
The Week Six assignment involves creating a resource manual for Mr. Franklin. Preparation for this assignment must begin early to make certain you are thinking ahead and saving your work. Review the full instructions for the Week Six assignment for more information.

Week One


Welcome to ESE601: Students With Exceptionalities in the School Setting. We are excited that you have chosen this program and look forward to your success in each class. This program has been designed around key elements in the field of special education to prepare you for your role in the education of students with disabilities.

Each week before beginning your assignments and initial discussion board post, it is highly recommended that you review the Instructor Guidance, which serves to supplement the required and recommended readings, videos and multimedia web pages for each week of material. The Instructor Guidance begins with a theoretical foundation of the weekly learning outcomes, progresses to authentic examples, and then concludes with guidance for the discussion board prompt and completing the weekly assignment. The Instructor Guidance can be used to support your discussion posts, responses, and other required assignments. 

Figure 1. A child’s handprint next to Braille.
Reprinted from Morguefile, by DuBoix, 2012, http://mrg.bz/w1yCaK (Links to an external site.) . Copyright 2006 by Morguefile.

The entire Master of Arts, Special Education (MASE) program, beginning with this course is focused on the following assumptions:

  1. all      children can learn;
  2. children      have diverse learning styles;
  3. and the      teacher’s belief in each child’s abilities supports the child’s success.

Therefore, it is imperative throughout each course in the MASE program you embrace the premise that, regardless of ability level, cultural background, or learning differences, in physically and emotionally safe environments, all children can learn. Take five minutes to watch Teach Special Education (Links to an external site.) to hear from parents, teachers, and students about the value of becoming a special educator. Teachers explain how students add value to their lives; parents explain how teachers add value to their children’s lives; and students explain how having adults who care make all the difference in their world. please see attachment for more information. 


Week 1 assignment historical timeline | ESE 601 Students with Exceptionalities in the School Setting | Ashford University

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