Test | Marketing homework help

Test | Marketing homework help.

1. Writing test.

Please draft an email to a Vendor that has just delayed the delivery of a key product. The goal is

to have them take responsibility and airfreight the goods at their expense.

Please send the email as a separate Word document.

2-Excel test.

Please find attached an Excel spreadsheet with the Excel test focusing on data pivots.

Please submit in the original file.

3-Categorization test.

We want to test you ability to research and narrow down results.

For now, ekuep.com is focusing on the kitchen equipment and accessories. But there is the

other side called “front of the house”. The term refers to all actions and areas that a customer

will be exposed to during their stay at a restaurant.

Based on your research, suggest the first 3 subcategories of items that should appear in the

that category. Please explain your choice. For each subcategory suggest 3 brands that should

get the highest priority. Explain that choice as well.

The result should be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet.

4-5. Attention to detail test.

We want to see if you are able to see details.

Below you will find a piece of a product description for Rocket Espresso Appartamento machine,

sent to you by a copywriter. It has 3 factual errors. Please find them.


Just one look at this espresso machine and you know right away that it is loaded with features. Here are some of the

things that set it apart:

E61 Group Head – It uses the famous E61 Group Head. For those who are familiar with espresso machines, the E61

Group Head is known as the standard in the industry because it is designed to maintain the temperature throughout

the whole extraction process. Any fluctuation during the process can have an effect on the quality of espresso.

Heat-Exchanging Boiler – The 1.8 liter boiler of the Appartamento has a heat exchanger which allows milk frothing

and coffee brewing at the same time. It is also insulated to keep the temperature stable and costs low.

Professional-level Gauge – The Appartamento has a gauge which show the pressure inside the boiler. You can use

the information that it provides to improve the espresso that you can produce.

Reliable Pump – Delivering the right level of pressure when it is needed, the rotary pump used by Rocket engineers

on the Appartamento is also quiet and has a unique device that reduces back pressure, which prevent blocks from


Safe Wands – The machine is equipped with wands that were designed for safety. It can be handled without having

to worry about being scalded by steam or being burnt.

Quality Accessories – The Appartamento comes with an aluminum tamper, dual portafilters, a basket, a brush, a

scoop, a piece of cloth for cleaning, and the manuals.

Stainless Steel Housing – The Appartamento uses an AISI 304 stainless steel case that is elegant, practical, and


Dual Pre-Infusion – This espresso machine from Rocket has an electronic pre-infusion. Pre-infusion refers to the first

few seconds of the brewing when the coffee is immersed in water under extremely high pressure.

Please submit the description in a separate Word file

Test | Marketing homework help

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