Theoretical likes and dislikes | Psychology homework help

Theoretical likes and dislikes | Psychology homework help.

 Given the many developmental theories that exist,  

you are likely to find some more appealing and plausible than others. For any two theories in Chapter 1, list the concepts and principles you find important and those you believe to be inadequate or incorrect and explain why. (8 points)

** see Syllabus & Schedule > Other Important Information for guidelines regarding the quality of your DB responses**

ASSIGNMENT 2: Muddiest Point—After reading Chapter 1, write about an issue, concept, or definition presented in the chapter that you find most confusing or difficult to understand (please include the page #).  Tell me exactly what you understand and what you do not understand about that issue, concept, or definition.  Note: You are free (but not required) to comment on someone else’s muddiest point. (2 points)

Note: Be sure to name your posts clearly—always include the assignment name and your name (e.g., Assignment 1: Theoretical Likes and Dislikes – A. Hunter) and submit separate threads for each assignment.

Theoretical likes and dislikes | Psychology homework help

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