English essay | English homework help

English essay | English homework help.


Richard Wright’s “Between the World and Me” (1935) discuss and analyze three literary
aspects of this surreal lynching poem. This critical literary essay in MLA
style should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion and their component
parts.  Here you should set up your
thesis, state your thesis, briefly state how you will support your thesis in
terms of specific literary aspects (characters, themes, structure, point of
view, title, tone & attitude, diction, genre, intertextuality, symbolism,
signification, or setting) and have a transition sentence to the body of the
essay.  Paragraphs in the body of the
essay must have topic sentences on literary aspects.  To support your critical analysis you should
quote or paraphrase from the poem and use the secondary sources (Judith Herman,
Clovis Semmes, and George Liptiz) to support your analysis.  However, you should avoid quoting long
sections from the poem; the critical issue here is to give your thoughtful
analysis.  Also, you should quote or
paraphrase from any of the relevant documents handed out in-class. This
critical essay should be a minimum of full four pages.  Essays that are less than four full pages
will not be accepted.  Here you should
adhere to the guidelines for submission of essays.  Papers that do not adhere to the stated
guidelines will lose significant credit. 
Give your essay an original title that is not the title of the poem.  Lastly, you should proofread your essay very
carefully for organization, content, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and

English essay | English homework help

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