Internal public relations | Marketing homework help

Internal public relations | Marketing homework help.


Read the “Sony Shoots the Messenger” Case Studyin the attachment  

Answer the three questions at the end of the chapter

Write a 1200-word paper in which you describe how the case was handled and provide recommended improvements for your client (Sony).

Include three outside references as well as citations with your paper.              

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


  1. How      would you assess Sony’s handling of the hacking scandal?
  2. Had      you been Amy Pascal’s public relations advisor, how would you have      suggested she handle the fallout from the e-mails, adjudged as “racist?”
  3. Had      Pascal asked you to counsel her on what to do in light of her husband’s      e-mail about the roundtable, what would you have suggested?

Internal public relations | Marketing homework help

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