Kant and bentham walk into a bar

Kant and bentham walk into a bar.

In the Learning Activity titled “Applied Ethics: Theory To Practice,” (attached)  we reviewed some principles and their lead theorists. You will now apply what you learned in this activity.

Using the key principles discussed in the Learning Activity mentioned above, design a story where a fictional character in the spirit of Kant (Deontological perspective) and character in the spirit of Bentham (Utilitarian/Teleological perspective) discuss an ethical issue (you select the issue) in an informal setting. This should be between 350-500 words.

The story should follow the following outline:

  1. The Bartender presents the ethical issue.
  2. The Kantian character presents an explanation of what the key factors are and offers a response.
  3. The Bentham character counters with objections and a different explanation of what the key factors are and offers a response.
  4. End with the Bartender returning to the duo, and summarizing each perspective (one sentence). Finally the Bartender prefers which perspective is preferable.

Kant and bentham walk into a bar

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