Lit1000: literary analysis with critical commentary

Lit1000: literary analysis with critical commentary.

      One of Ibsen’s biographers argues that the play is not so much about women’s rights as about “the need of every individual to find out the kind of person he or she really is, and to strive to become that person.” 1 For this writing assignment, you must use two of the articles of critical commentary that are posted in the Critical Commentary folder in Module 9 on Blackboard as well as your own reading of the play to support Meyer’s interpretation. In other words, the question that you are trying to answer in this essay is: In what ways is this play an argument for the individual’s responsibility to find out who they really are, whether they are a man or a woman? 

      You will use A Doll House as your primary source. The two critical articles that you select to incorporate as support for the argument that you are making are your secondary sources. I have uploaded an essay called “Emotions in ‘The Story of an Hour’” as a model for you of how literary scholars write essays about texts with the incorporation of critical commentary by other scholars.  

Lit1000: literary analysis with critical commentary

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