Unit2 due 08/14/2021 | Applied Sciences homework help

Unit2 due 08/14/2021 | Applied Sciences homework help.

For this Discussion Board, please complete the following:

It is now common to use computers to chart patient information. This is seen with the majority of people’s experiences with the healthcare system, such as automated appointment reminders, logging in to the “patient portal” to see lab results, or even being able to get a copy of visit information. Although it is easier for patients to access their health information online and e-mail their providers, not everyone is prepared for this virtual health record platform. 

Based on your experience and knowledge of the electronic health record, address the following: 

Explain this electronic health record technology to an elderly relative whom you accompanied to a doctor’s appointment where he has had some bloodwork drawn. Rather than being told to call for his results, the nurse said that the lab results will be available in a patient portal. This has frustrated your relative because he does not like to use the computer or “all of those apps the kids are talking about.” 

  • Highlight at least 2 benefits of using an electronic health record (EHR) in healthcare as opposed to previous paper records and filing systems. 
  • What resources could you offer your relative to help him become more comfortable with the EHR technology?

Unit2 due 08/14/2021 | Applied Sciences homework help

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