Article summaries | Psychology homework help

Article summaries | Psychology homework help.

Assignment 1 

This week we’ll be reading this article by Wingfield et al. 1998

Please read the article closely, answer the following questions (save your answers in a Word document and the copy and paste them here):

  1. Provide the full reference to this article using this format: Author 1 Last Name, First name initials; Author 2 Last Name, First name initials, (Year of publication). Article title. Journal name in italics Volume#(Issue#): start_page:end_page.
    Shendelman S, Jonason A, Martinat C, Leete T and Abeliovich A. 2004. DJ-1 is a redox-dependent molecular chaperone that inhibits alpha-synuclein aggregate formation. Plos Biology 2(11): 1764-1773.
  2. Is this article primary or secondary literature? If secondary literature, is it a meta-analysis? See: how to distinguish primary vs secondary literature.
  3. What was the goal of the authors (what was their motivation to write this paper)? Don’t use quotes, you need to summarize the findings using your own words. 
  4. What is the thesis of the article? Don’t use quotes, you need to summarize the findings using your own words. 
  5. A) Point to 3 examples of evidence that authors use to support their thesis and B) explain how it connects to the authors’ thesis. Don’t use quotes, you need to summarize the findings using your own words. 
  6. A) Point to one caveat the authors present that may challenge their thesis. B) Explain how this factor connects to the authors thesis. Don’t use quotes, you need to summarize the findings using your own words.

Assignment 2 

Find two relevant article that talk about how human trafficking can be stopped and write a summary of both.

For each of the two (2) articles: 

  • Upload the PDFs of your selected articles & 
  • Answer the questions below:

1. What is the motivation for the study – what is the broad problem in the field that the study helps to address?

2. What is the specific hypothesis being tested?

3. What is the experimental approach to testing the hypothesis?  What was measured?

4. What were the important quantitative results? (explain at least one main figure or graph)

5. Was the hypothesis supported or rejected? Explain

6. What do the results mean in terms of the broader issues that motivated the study?

Article summaries | Psychology homework help

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