Discussion 1 performance review | Management homework help

Discussion 1 performance review | Management homework help.


Now that you have explored ways to earn credit for what you know and the classes you’ve taken, as well as reviewed the undergraduate catalog, complete the following steps to participate in this week’s discussion. 

Part 1 

Get information about the courses in your major by consulting the undergraduate catalog or visiting the Business and Management Academic Programs page, then scrolling down the page to the list of majors: 

Business & Management Academic Programs

From the Business and Management Academic Programs page, select your major and scroll down to view the courses in the major. Select three to five courses from the list and read the course descriptions. In your discussion posting, let us know: 

  • What course(s) are you excited about taking? -( intoduction to business and management)
  • What two courses could you take next term? -( principles of micro economics 2215 and academic writing ll )
  • Are there any prerequisites for the courses you plan to take next term? 
  • Have you registered for your next term? If not, when will you?

Part 2 

Next, provide at least two examples of specific actions you could take to help you graduate sooner, and explain why they are viable options for you, personally. A few examples of actions you could take are listed here: 

  1. Submit all your transcripts. Don’t be concerned about the grades you may have received previously, the types of classes you took, or whether you think the learning can be applied. UMGC will review anything and everything to ensure you get the most out of your prior learning. 
  2. Document industry certifications. These also may bring in additional credit, especially in the areas of information technology, cyber security, and project management, and might  be creditable as prior learning. 
  3. Investigate Prior Learning programs. Adult learners bring a robust background in learning on the job, and these learning opportunities can be reviewed for possible credit toward academic requirements. 
  4. Enroll in multiple terms. Staying in class throughout the academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) will get you to your degree faster. 

Post your response to the discussions during Week 3, and set aside time to read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. For example, you can post a response letting your classmate know if you’re planning to take the same courses next term, share your experience with submitting transcripts, or share a similar prior learning experience. 

Discussion 1 performance review | Management homework help

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