Reviews of Levels of Data: Nom

The following problems are reviews of levels of data:

1. You are asked to do an analysis of students currently attending Baker College classes online. One of the areas being assessed is the number of students in the military compared to civilians. In the survey you plan on sending out, one question asks the respondent to check one of the following:
____I am in the military
____I am not in the military

What level of data is this question?
a. nominal
b. ordinal
c. interval
d. ratio

2. You started your own business last year and financially it has done quite well. You want to ascertain customer satisfaction, so you send a survey out to everyone on your mailing list. There are 10 questions on the survey, and customers are asked to rate a variety of areas: 1 (very unsatisfied), 2 (unsatisfied), 3 (neutral), 4 (satisfied), 5 (very satisfied). What level of data are the survey questions?
a. nominal
b. ordinal
c. interval
d. ratio

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