SOLUTION: MNSU The Selection of US Supreme Court Justice Research Paper

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22nd September 2021

The Supreme Court Selection Process


Paper explores the supreme court selection process
Examines the stages and entities that take part in the selection.
Only the president has the capability according to law to appoint a member of
the Supreme Court.


Examination of interest parties that take part in the presidential nomination,
what leads/qualifications are required to get selected?


Examines trends and gives suggestions for further study.
Examines the senate judiciary committee that is tasked with conducting hearing
on the presidential nominees and what process are involved


How do the different characteristics of nominees affect their hearings before


Explores the final stage which is the committee presenting its findings before
the full house and the processes involved.


Provides recommendations for improvement and further study


The selection of US Supreme Court justices.
It is critical to first grasp the structure of the federal court systems in America in order to
comprehend Supreme Court processes and appointments. Courts perform critical responsibilities
in the administration of justice, collaborating with law enforcement to apply the law to cases
brought before them. They decide whether or not crimes were committed, as well as the severity
of the penalties. They also provide a venue for individual conflicts to be peacefully resolved. The
federal judiciary, executive, and legislative departments of government function independently,
yet frequently coordinate and complement one another as mandated by the Constitution.
Trial courts, circuit courts, and the Supreme Court are the three levels of the federal court
system. After the trial courts have made their decision, a litigant can file an appeal with the
circuit courts, which are the first level of appeal. In the federal judicial system, the Supreme
Court is the final level of appeal. The federal courts’ jurisdiction is limited, which means they
can only hear cases based on the constitution or federal statutes. The diversity law, on the other
hand, might allow a case based on state law to be tried in federal court. So, who is in charge of
hearing and deciding cases in these courts? At least one district judge is chosen by the president
and approved by the Senate for a lifetime term in the district courts. They can only be impeached
by the congress and will continue to serve as long as they follow the laws and regulations.
The country is divided into 12 circuit courts, each of which serves a different region.
Each circuit has several judges, all of whom are chosen by the president and ratified by the
Senate for life periods. The Supreme Court is the country’s highest and ultimate court. The
ultimate hearing is held here for any appeal case from the federal system of state court that is


connected to federal statutes and has passed through other courts. The court has the option of
hearing or dismissing appeals, with dismissal implying that the lower court’s decision stands.
Only about 1% of appeals to the Supreme Court are actually heard. Justices make up the court,
and there are always nine of them. The president appoints eight associate justices and one chief
justice, all of whom are confirmed by the Senate. Despite the fact that most Supreme Court
justices are attorneys with long careers in justice-related professions, there are no defined criteria
for their nomination.
Now that we’ve established the federal court system and the Supreme Court’s primary
duty, we’ll look at how Supreme Court justices are chosen. As previously stated, a Justice’s
career can last for many years as long as they follow the rules and practice “good behavior.” This
makes their choice critical for any president, as they operate for many years after the presidents
leave office, and any reservations expressed by the justices are likely to be linked to their
legacies. The Senate serves as a check on the pre…

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