SOLUTION: The Government of Indonesia Election 2014 and 2019 Memorandum

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Indonesia Election 2014 and 2019 Outline

270.6 Million

Indonesia adopts a Presidential system.

The President is both the head of the government and the head of the state.

The free disseminate information globally regarding the country’s progress in
democracy and campaign.

Social media plays a unique role in providing transparency on election results and
promote public scrutiny.

The elected offices constitute the Presidency (President and the Vice
President), People’s Representative Council (DPR), Regional Representative Council,
and provincial and municipal legislative councils.

Reelection is permitted.

A two-round system is used in Indonesia.

Voting in Indonesia is optional.

The legislators are elected from the political party lists through an open-list
proportional representation system.

Parties in Indonesia raise money through state funding, donations, and contribution
from the members.

Political Climate:

In the 2014 election, Great Indonesia Coalition won the election.

In the 2019 election, the incumbent Joko Widodo won the election.

In 2014 campaigns, Indonesia experienced a notable shift in populism.

The voters’ mood in the 2019 election was tense.

The 2019 election was a general election rather than an early election

65% of the Indonesian adults are satisfied with the country’s democracy and 33% are

Various Ratings and Rankings


Indonesia Election 2014 and 2019

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Subject: Indonesia Election 2014 and 2019
What is the population? 270.6 Million
Is it a Parliamentary or a Presidential System? Indonesia adopts a Presidential system
with the President being the head of the state, head of the government, and multiparty system.
Who is the Head of Government? Who is the Head of State? The President is both the
head of the government and the head of the state duly elected in a general election through a
popular vote system (“Politics of Indonesia,” 2021). The President also governs the executive
branch, serving in a five-term Presidency. The current President of Indonesia is Joko Widodo
of the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle since 2014, and the present Vice President is
Ma’ruf Amin since 2019. The executive also includes the Vice President and the cabinet, with
the President having the solemn supremacy to issue Presidential declarations with dogma
effects (“Politics of Indonesia,” 2021). The popular system is an improvement of the selection
process used initially to acquire the President after the 2001 constitutional amendment.
The executive and the legislature jointly approve the bills to become law, with the
President having the veto influence over all bills or legislations. President and the vice
president run as an intimate pair during the Presidential elections, coming from different
social categories (Indonesia Investments, 2020). After the election, the President is mandated
to appoint the cabinet comprising of winning party members, independent technocrats, and
coalition associates.

What role does the “free press” play? What about social media? Press coverage is an
inevitable section of the Indonesian election, indicating the democracy in the country.
However, the freedom house reports indicate the Indonesian media are partly free. Besides,
Indonesia had a vivacious media background, with recen…

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