Why is black history month important

I am doing a sermon on black history month. I need an intro. This assignment is to write No more than 1 page on the importance of black history month. It should not contain slaver.  I am only looking for a page talking about the importance of black history month.  IMPORTANT: it should be written […]

Progressive era | American history homework help

The Progressive era stands out as a time when reformers sought to address social ills brought about by a rapidly changing society. Debates surrounded issues such as political corruption, the regulation of business practices, racial equality, women’s suffrage and the living conditions of impoverished immigrants overcrowded into urban slums.  After you have completed your readings […]

History questions | World history homework help

Responses should be 2-3 complete and grammatically correct sentences at minimum. (10 Points Each) What was Social Darwinism and how did it negatively impact Americans during this period? What were the key elements for industrialization that the United States developed during and after the American Civil War? What was the “New South” and what industries […]

Week 8 final | History homework help

Attached are two topics learned in class.  Use these to help with assignment. In this forum I want you to provide me with your concluding thoughts about the topics you learned during the course. I do not want you to focus on all that you learned, but one at least two issues that you found […]

Voting | Political Science homework help

  For this weeks assignment, we are discussing voting and elections. Voting is an essential component of our democracy. However it is not without its criticism. For this assignment, please read the study provided by the Pew Research and answer the following questions. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/11/05/i… 1. Exploring the data surrounding the four voting variables (i.e. Important, […]

William penn’s holy experiment | History homework help

Did you have a difficult time understanding the agreement between William Penn and the Susquehannas?  Do you think that the Susquehannas fully understood the agreement?  Why or why not?  Does the agreement seem like a fair one for the Susquehannas?  Provide evidence for your position.  What are the implications of the agreement with respect to […]

Discussion: post wwii aviation | History homework help

Before the US entry into World War II, America produced relatively small numbers of military aircraft.  Research the Internet for information about American manufacture of military aircraft post Pearl Harbor. In your initial post, explain how America was able to manufacture so many different types of military aircraft and in such great numbers following Pearl Harbor. The […]

Week 7 essay | History homework help

300+ Words Do the essay on Florynce “Flo” Kennedy African American women are usually not recognized as leaders. Of course, we must define what a leader is. We want to bring these women back into history. Choose one African American female leader.  This forum is for between the end of World War II and the […]

Women history | History homework help

 (women refocusing on fast)3rd edition Using the materials from this unit, discuss the relationship between women’s reproductive and productive lives. In other words, in what ways are women’s lives shaped by control over their own bodies (or lack thereof) but also the necessity/desire to work and/or gain an education. You may wish to think about […]

Towns in the feudal period

 Please address and answer each question sufficiently. Be concise but also make sure to cover all the bases. If a lengthy response is necessary then please include all pertinent info.  I’ve attached a pdf of the chapter relating to these questions. Use it for some info but feel free to do additional research for additional […]

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