Preparation 2 | Criminal homework help

  Choose a topic that you are interested in and that your audience might be interested in. Format This outline should be at least 3 pages in length and use 12-point font. Use appropriate coordination and subordination. Use full sentences, including subjects and verbs for the main ideas or main points and the 1st order […]

Law – criminal 2-1 module two assignment: exploration of predictive

Overview In this assignment, you will explore elements of predictive policing. You will research a crime map of either your own city, a major city nearby, or any major city of your choice and explore other crime databases that are available. Analysts use this data for many purposes including identifying crime patterns to make your […]

Chapter summary/evaluation (summarize chapter 7)

 TEXT BOOK   Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice, 10th Edition or any later edition.. FIRST, please summarize the entire applicable chapter of our course text in your own words. Be sure to organize your summary logically to make it reader-friendly. Your summary section should contain only summary of the chapter with little or no personal […]

Digital forenics | Criminal homework help

  In this assignment, you will be assessed on your knowledge of scientific methodologies surrounding digital forensics. By exploring the details of this article, you will be able to explain how methodologies are applied to an investigation. Imagine you are a criminal investigator on a digital forensic case. You are asked by the task force […]

Module 2 discussion | Criminal homework help

  I don’t want to have you assess a terrorist group for the discussion, but I do want you to look at a group. I don’t want to use a terrorist group because you will have to look at one for your paper and I don’t want someone to take your idea from the discussion. […]

Reflection #1 | Criminal homework help

 For this reflection , students are to identify a current event (2023) related to a topic addressed thus far in the textbook while analyzing such impacts and implications based upon the material provided in the course.  The goal of this exercise is to cultivate a higher level of critical thinking as it relates to the […]

Due 9/10 | Criminal homework help

REPLIESANDFEEDBACK3.docx 150 word minimum for each paper.. give your feedback(your opinion) on each paper. PAPER#1 noteews     “Criminology lacks sufficient data for many types of crime that are of great concern to society” (Lauritsen, 2023, p. 187). NIBERS (National Incident-Based Reporting System) collects information from each individual reporting system that is state specific. For example, the […]

Cybercrime 2 | Criminal homework help

© 2021 Post University, Waterbury, CT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Due Date: 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 2 Points: 100 Overview: As you start to investigate the Criminal Justice field, you will find many topics of interest. This paper will be a topic that interests you in the Criminal Justice field pertaining to Cybercrimes, many […]

Advanced seminar in criminal 2

 This is the first section of your Final Project. Please write the introduction portion of your final research project, proposing a non-experimental research topic rooted in a law enforcement issue. (See the suggested topics provided in Unit 1 for inspiration.) This paper should include the following topics: Identify an agency or organization, where you would […]

Crime and society | Criminal homework help

  Prior to beginning work on this discussion, listen to the interview with Stephen B. Bright, The Quality of a Legal Defense: Does it Matter if You’re Rich or Poor?Links to an external site. Additionally, read chapters 3 and 4 from the textbook. Your initial post should be at least 350 words in length. Support […]

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